Back to work.

Back at work today, had yesterday off, curled in a ball in the living room trying to feel less ill, unfortunately I feel worse today than I did yesterday *cough* *snivel* *bangs on table* I want sympathy *pouts*! I’ve got a cold, and it’s of the worst sort (naturally because I’m a man) – Sore throat, headaches, blocked nose and shivers, and I’m in a foul mood because of it. Oh and to add insult to serious injury my mobile phone is playing up and Orange are being their usual helpful selves and doing fuck all about it.

I really hate January: the only good thing about January are the dark nights in front of the fire cuddled up with your favourite person watching TV and eating toast, but other than that they’re rubbish, it’s the post-Christmas blues, all the festivity has gone, and now when it’s cold, snowy and dark it’s no longer a sign that Christmas is coming, simply that the British climate is bloody awful. On top of the climate you also have the miserableness at work, as everyone is once again yearning for time off, holidays and sunshine… but everyone’s faced with the awful reality that once again they’ve spent to much at Christmas, so the mini-break to the Maldives is off the menu, while the gym membership suddenly becomes number one priority.

The only good thing to report is we now have Sky in the house, which makes a nice change from the last place we lived in, that only got two snowy channels and a landlord to arsey to put in Sky TV. Not that I watch a lot of TV, in fact given the choice I’d rather stick music on and read a book, but it is nice to have the option to sit down and watch TV if we want, we’re also getting broadband plugged in this week too, so cue excitement for that…

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