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Blizzards in London, twice within a month, that’s something you don’t normally expect… Today the heaven’s opened, and instead of our usual rain we got fluffy white stuff instead, and lots of it. That alone will make the film in my camera worth developing as I hung out of a fourth floor window taking photos of the snow settling over Kensington and Notting Hill.

London’s transport infrastructure has fallen apart which will make getting around fun, the central line is still buggered and will be for several weeks by all accounts, and now with snow and congestion charging coming up London is slowly (or actually – rapidly) grinding to a halt. Apparently traffic in central London tonight is the worst it’s ever been, which is saying something.


I really should clarify: When I say “America” wants a war, it’s not a slur, it’s just a generalisation: George Dub’ya Bush wants a war, or more pointedly he wants to finish something his Father started.

As far as the UK goes, we all know that Blair will follow Bush round like a little lost puppy… despite what his government might think, despite what the opposition thinks, despite what the British public think… pissed off? annoyed? you bet we are – the quicker Blair is removed from his pedestal the better, I can’t wait to vote again, because (yet again) I won’t be voting for Blair.

Meg hit’s the nail on the head.

Please read this, Meg has hit the nail so firmly on the head. It is not Tony Blair’s place to decide single handedly where the country should go to war. It doesn’t seem to matter that everyone else in the UK and Europe seems to think it’s a bad idea, little Mr Blair seems almost manically intent on dragging us into America’s internal grudge war with Iraq. We all know Saddam isn’t the nicest person in the world, in fact he’s a bit of a nutter, but I don’t see us declaring war on other nutters, the Mugabe’s and such of this world? This “war” is a son finishing off his Dad’s unfinished grudge match, it’s about oil, it’s about American principles and it’s definitely not anything that the UK should be involved in.

It’s all very well Tony Blair saying it’s only a matter of time before there is a terrorist attack on the UK, but we all know that what that really means is there will be a terrorist attack on London, and that if and when it does happen Tony Blair will be the first into the bunkers not to surface until the dust or gas or whatever other foul means of killing people these terrorists decide to use. As a voter in a democratic nation I’d like to see my view represented in Government: This country does not need a war, it cannot afford a war, and the public shouldn’t be duped with talk of possible collateral damage to the UK… that is military speak for people dying.

If the USA wants a war it’s big enough and ugly enough to look after itself, I’d like to hazard a guess that most sane liberal American’s aren’t that keen on a war either. But for those that are, and for the sake of our under-educated government the UK lost the war of independence with the USA… We don’t have to follow them into every conflict, we shouldn’t, and I for one will not agree or support any action taken against Iraq to satisfy George W Bush’s thirst for Iraq’s oil at the expense of UK soldiers and citizens.

There’s really no need to scream.

There was a woman at Tottenham Court Road this morning… not unusual, what was unusual was that she was yelling, no, screaming – that’s probably more accurate. The reason she was assaulting my ears in only the way an American woman can is because she’d lost her ticket in the barrier machine, so instead of doing the reasonable and sane thing and seeking assistance (just as the barrier machine was telling her) she decided to take her wrath out on her fellow commuters.

For some reason TCR station was suffering from a shortage of exit gates this morning, so to get out we had to all go through one next to the exit we wanted or else we’d end up having to go out of the wrong side of the station and end up on the wrong side of St Giles Circus, anyhow…. with a queue of people building up this American woman decided to explode:

“Oh for fucks sake” she squeals, followed by: “that was your fucking fault you imbecile” to the poor man immediately behind her who had now slipped his ticket into the machine and moved through, with said American still being on the wrong side of the barriers. The man walked off, but the American decided she’d stand in the gate blocking everyone’s way. I was late for work as it was so at this point I ventured a polite “excuse me” only to be blown to kingdom come by “look my fucking ticket is lodged in the barrier, it won’t work you prick – so you’ll just have to wait”. I stood back stunned at the sheer rudeness of this woman for a) shouting at me, and b) further delaying my trip into work.

Just because you come from a country where the president resembles an ape and you’re allowed to drive dangerous non-environmentally friendly cars with guns doesn’t mean you can come to Britain and treat us with the contempt you treat your fellow Americans simply because you’re in a bad mood and you’re being inconvenienced by your own inability to follow simple instructions. Losing my temper I implied in sarcasm subtle enough for her not to understand that she should seek attention just like the machine was saying, if she could indeed read, she muttered something under her breath and continued to stand her ground, at which point I told her in no uncertain terms to piss off and stop being such an ignorant bitch holding everyone else up…at which point she moved: bloody tourists.

By the time I left TCR it was 9.15: only 15 minutes into the working day and I was already feeling like I was ready to kill someone. Thank god it’s Friday.

To redesign or not?

To redesign or not to redesign, that is the question… and it doesn’t have a simple answer, you see I’ve got bucket loads of written work I want to put up but I can’t be bothered to format it all nicely into pages at the moment, and what’s more I’d like a tool to look after it all. Blogger isn’t really an option, maybe Movable Type or if I’m feeling really brave I might build my own CMS for the job.

I’m also considering slimming down the other areas of the site, especially the homepage, or maybe turning the homepage into the blog, ooo and while we’re talking about the blog I’d like to get rid of the dates and add titles, or maybe make the dates a lot smaller, and therefore less significant? Decisions decisions, all of which I’m sure will be made with a bottle of wine and a quiet weekend in the relative peace of Notting Hill.

The bloggies are out.

Well now we can actually see the nominations for this years bloggies I can sit back and bathe in the fact that, as I predicted: they are once again a disappointment. Only two sites mentioned that I actually visit: blogger and plasticbag. I’m not going to turn this into an anti-bloggies rant, because I quite like the bloggies, it would just be nice to see a bit more variety in them.

Anyhow…. I could have walked to work quicker than the tube got me to work this morning, and I’m not exaggerating, 45 minutes it took me to get from Notting Hill to Soho, 45 bloody minutes, but for once it wasn’t the tube’s fault, today we’ll blame the firefighters… just at the time I chose to go to work all the closed stations were beginning to open again, which meant that the train was massively overcrowded and spent ages in each station due to overcrowding on the platforms, the train was also late as the man on the platform explained it was the first all-stopping train of the day, quite why that should mean a 10 minute wait for the train to arrive on the platform I’ll never know, but it did.

I might walk home from work today, that’s all dependent of course on whether I still feel like death on a stick by home time, at the moment my head is pounding, my eyes hurt and I’ve got a blocked up nose… but other than that I’m dandy.

W’s Matter!

It’s been a pet hate of mine for a while, but I’ve quietly seethed about it and nothings changed, so I feel it’s time to let rip; Do the BBC know *nothing* about the internet? Evidently not when almost all of there programs across TV and Radio fail to get the URI correct! If you’re going to say: “go to” then you have to make sure that actually takes you to the correct place. Spot the difference between these two:

  • Now the BBC might not think that a gaggle of www’s makes a great lot of difference to an internet address, but they would be wrong.

    It’s *such* a simple thing to sort out, they could either sort the servers our to accept addresses without W’s so that they don’t have to change all the promotional material, or they could make things even simpler and announce the address as which would act as a marker for each program and would make addresses easier to say – although the downside of that is you’d have people assuming they need to put a hoard of www’s in front of the address which would royally fuck everything up.

    While we’re on the subject of www – I think they should be referred to as a gaggle of W’s – what do you think?

    Bloggies miss their deadline

    Well the bloggies were a disappointment weren’t they? It’s now the 22nd January, and still not a nomination in sight, I know that if they’re based in the states technically it’s still yesterday there, but that doesn’t quell my abject disappointment… so neh sulks.

    I really have huge issues with people who advertises dates and then fail to deliver, especially of the website variety, coming soon I can cope with, it’s open ended, and although I’d rather not see it, it’s not as bad as seeing – come back on the “whatever date” to see… and that date is like a month or a year ago, or in this case yesterday. If you can’t guarentee it will be there: don’t put a date, it’s so much safer, and much less of a let down when something is promised and you spend the whole day revisiting the site to see if it’s live

    Danger Danger, High Voltage!

    Danger Danger, High Voltage… I told you it would happen, and now it’s landed, it’s infectious, it’s hilarious, and it’s all over the place: I guarantee you that flashing bra’s and jockstraps will be all over the country by summer as Electric Six bring Danger Danger, High Voltage to the UK!

    Fuck’d Weblog

    It’s cold, wet and windy in Soho today, and I’m sat on top of a radiator at work trying to warm up a little bit, got soaked going home for lunch, then froze walking over to the Leicester Square office Fucked Blogfrom my office, everyone seems to be ill, or falling ill at work – seems like a cold/flu bug is going round, and you know what they’re like in an office… it’s spreading like wildfire.

    This is interesting… It’s where Blogs go to die: fucked weblog. It’s an interesting premise, a website that informs people that a blog has ceased to be, quite what purpose it has I don’t know… perhaps it’s there so people can mourn the passing of prolific or amusing blogs, or perhaps it’s for people who wish to gloat about there most hated blogs (and blog writers) kicking the bucket and deciding it’s time to shut down online.