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Just a question: If this (or any other blogs such as these) were made available in print format would you still read them? The only reason I ask is that sat in bed reading blogs this evening I realised that I can’t get comfortable sitting with the laptop in the same way that I can get comfortable with a book – and it occurred to me that maybe I should print out the blog archives I was reading: and then thinking further (dangerous I know!) I thought that I’d probably pay for a book that was as engaging a read as the particular blog I was reading at the time, so would it make sense for some of the more prolific bloggers to offer a printable service?

Would a blog lose it’s interest factor if it wasn’t online and interactive, or would it be the acid test of the good content vs the crap, I’m the first to admit that most blogs are crap, they mean nothing to anyone other than the author and nine times out of ten are badly conceived and even more badly kept up to date, but there are good blogs out there… there are some that I read every day, there are some I visit more than once a day, and there are some where I’ll quite happily spend hours reading through the most engaging archives and writings I’ve ever found online… What do you think? Who do you read? And most importantly: why? – comments please!

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