Cold and windy weekend.

It’s been a cold, rainy, and miserable weekend, but it’s been one of the nicest weekend’s for ages: Me & Dave spent the whole weekend together, just relaxing (with the exception of Dave doing is back in at work on Saturday) a long lay in, quiet coffee’s in gorgeous littlecafe’s, some relaxed Christmas shopping herehere and here, and as if that wasn’t enough we sat and watched the rain fall whilst having a fabulous cooked breakfast before going house hunting all around Notting Hill.

It’s going to be our first Christmas together this year, and the first Christmas I’ve ever spent with a boyfriend, I’ve always spent Christmas with family up until now, which is perhaps a sign of just how committed to each other me and Dave are, it’s a strange thing to actually sit and think about the best times of the last year, and without doubt, every single on of them has been with Dave. We compliment each other like no other boyfriend I’ve ever had.. which is odd, because I’ve had a few, and to be honest looking back it’s strange to put them in perspective, which is a bizarre thing to say, because when you love someone nothing’s ever in perspective, but looking back it’s really difficult to say that I’ve ever loved someone like I love him… And I’m proud to say that I’m gay, I’m in Love, and I don’t want to actually be with anyone else other than him.

Oh and we’re getting hitched… Summer 2003: We’re going to tie the knot, officially registering ourselves as a London partnership. We bought a set of matching handmade silver rings from Covent garden in the autumn, and we’re going to make some more promises on them in the summer. *chuffed to bits* :o)

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