Christmas in Scotland.

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas, we did… Our first together, and it was really nice to spend proper quality time with Dave, we even went and took a car out and got lost in Scotland, the scenery was, to say the least: stunning. It was absolutely wonderful, we drove through mountains, up massively steep hills and down stupidly steep hills, we even got lost up a road that was masquerading on the map as a B road, however it wasn’t… as we found out when it ended in the middle of a farm yard.

Something spooky happened while we were up there, we passed an old man on the road, on one side of the road there was almost vertical drop, on the other side a steep bank, something that I’d have trouble climbing up, let alone an old man: anyhow – we passed him on the way to getting lost, about two minutes after seeing him we did a u-turn in a cow-barn and went back down the road, and he wasn’t there *de de du du de de du du*.

So there ya go, a Christmas story without a donkey, no dodgey virgins, and far to many strawberry cremes.

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