A face in an anonymous city

Today it tried to rain all day, but thankfully any rain that did come down I managed to miss… I’ve broken in my new shoes without breaking my feet, and I’ve come home with all the details of properties to let for me and Dave, and quite a few shirts and ties for work, but the upside of the shirts and ties is I did sweet talk the assistant into giving me a free pair of funky cufflinks, which I don’t think is bad value for money!

London’s normally such an anonymous city, you can be out all day without spotting a single soul you know, but today I’ve bumped into everyone: Gary, Jase, Tom, lil’ Rob, even Jonathan, and he doesn’t even live in London, he was someone I went to school with! Also *shock horror* me and Dave have got all (bar a few) of our Christmas cards done, posted, or waiting to be delivered by hand, which isn’t too bad I don’t think!

Did anyone see Johnny Vegas making a prick of himself at the British “comedy” awards, the funny thing about the comedy awards is that they’re so predictable Jonathan Ross will present, (ie use the same jokes as last year, mixed in with topical content stolen from ‘have i got news for you’) a “comedian” of dubious talent will make a prick of himself while drunk on live television, Jonathan Ross will grin inanely whilst “fuck” is thrown about like a hot potato on live TV, and you’ll tut disapprovingly at the “best new act” and wonder how you missed all the other people nominated for the award (the answer to this for those that haven’t guessed is that the competitors are always x list crap characters from sitcoms (read cheap sets and crap storylines) from late night channel 4 and 5) the only award you’ll agree with is the lifetime achievement award, (well you have to don’t you?) and then you’ll tut disapprovingly at the credits and “the premiership is next” being superimposed all over the acceptance speech of the only person at the awards you actually knew, had seen, or liked… so there we are 3 hours of inane misery summed up in one paragraph…

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