A change of pace.

Good news today, as the new media agency I’ve been chasing round in circles for the last month finally commits and asks me to come in for something more than just “a chat” so all fingers must be crossed from now until wednesday – no I don’t care if it makes typing difficult – and they’ll be no heckling in the back!

Spent a wonderful night with Dave and Nick last night, It was great to be able to spend some quality time with Dave again, he’s so much more relaxed when he’s away from the ex-landlord, and so am I… the very thought of being in the old house just makes me feel physically ill, but that’s enough about that. Back to the wonderful night, couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend a night, good company, funny DVD’s, junk food and cuddles from the man I love… In other news, me and dave are going to get registered as a london couple in the summer.

I’m now quite happily ensconced in West London, happy to be out of the shithole that is E14, happy to be away from my ex-flatmate, and happy to be able to spend time with Dave again, I’m now looking for something new to do, and a new challenge, which I think is going to be fun. My parents are now totally aware of my relationship with Dave, and it’s the first time they’ve ever really been involved in any relationship I’ve had, which is really nice, as for the first time I feel like we can be inclusive of my parents within our relationship.

Is it just me or do the lights on oxford street look really tatty? I’m absolutely sure they’re the same set as last year, and the year before, and thinking about it probably the year before… people have always made such a big fuss about the oxford street light’s and I think that such a great seasonal tourist attraction is being pissed away because someone can’t be bothered to be a bit more creative, I’d like to see the sort of fantastic lights I remember seeing years ago, (one year they even had some lasers). It’s 2002 for god’s sake, surely we can do better than some tatty tinsel and some fairy lights?

Oh and I love Dave… more today than yesterday, but not nearly as much as I will tomorrow…

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