You know you’ve listened to too much Radio 4 when…

eeeek… I’ve just realised that listening to pick of the week on Radio 4 – so far I’ve actually listened to every program the presenter in question has picked out, I know I listen to Radio 4 a lot, but I didn’t realise that I listened that much. What’s more worrying is it makes me a huge hypocrite when it comes to my own career in commercial radio, which is supposed to be the anti-Christ of all things BBC.

aside: eeeek the average age of a radio 4 listener is 53

But the thing is 99.9% of commercial radio is utter crap, it’s soulless, un-inspired, trite, garbage, and that’s before the DJ even opens his/her mouth, the music is repetitive and formulaic, and the speech output is cringe-worthy at best, and just plain bad at worst. I can’t think if I listened back to the logger tapes of most commercial station that I’d be swept away into a vortex of memories remembering when the program was on, what I was doing and who I was with… A sad sign of commercial radio being the height of all things dummed-down.Yo

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