Weird Neighbours

Theres an old woman stood outside my house making strange noises, not noises so much as words, but not in English, and not in any language that I recognise, it’s now 2am and she’s literally stood all of 3 feet away from the back wall of my house wailing strange guttural noises. I’ve just gone and peered out of a darkened window to get a better look at her without revealing that someone’s actually watching her (which might encourage her), she’s very strange, she doesn’t appear to be rough enough to be homeless, she’s in good clothing, not the usual beggar/tramp/mad person fair, but judging from the noises shes making she’s one of three things… mad, hurt, or both. I don’t know whether to call the police or an ambulance, I only wish that I wasn’t the only one in the house, as it’s a truly bizarre thing to watch.

[update] one of the neighbours from the house with the stupidly bright floodlights on it’s garden has gone out to investigate, the old woman is now howling louder than ever. Why did she pick a Sunday night? Some of us have things to do tomorrow morning :o/

[update] she’s still wailing: now with random grunts of “fuccccccckarf”, one can assume that she’s got a basic grip of the intricacies of the English language then?

[update] she’s buggered off, finally… one can assume that she ran out of expletives.

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