Time Zones

Oh, and I love the British need to change the time zones… I was off for my interview today, so I left 2 hours to get into town, on the thinking that it’d give me time to find out where the place was (even though I knew exactly where it was – it’s opposite the DKNY shop for god’s sake!), have a quick bite to eat, pop into the offices, and then get myself to the interview on time, but the time seemed to fly by, but being the relatively organised person that I am, I still managed to get to the interview in plenty of time on top of doing all the bits and pieces I meant to do as well, I was definitely in plenty of time… In fact I was a whole hour early – owing to the fact that I’d forgotten completely to wind the time back one hour on my dress watch – Did I feel a fool? Well of course, but I bull-shitted my way around it.

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