Rip off music

What is it about Will Smith that everyone thinks is so clever? He’s a second rate actor at best who shines only because he’s clever enough to pick obvious blockbusters with decent support casts, and as for his “Music” – Can he not produce one single song, which isn’t simply a total rip-off of a 70’s/80’s disco/funk classic? Just because you put “wooo, ah ha ah ha, what what what, big will, uh huh” on top of the track doesn’t mean it’s your song, and certainly doesn’t make it listenable in any way, shape or form.

Briteny’s now at it as well, ripping off “I love rock and roll”, can’t she see the irony? Probably obscured by her surgically enhanced cleavage… while we’re on the subject of crap music, isn’t Elton John’s work just the biggest pile of shite in the world?

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