Night’s draw in…

Is it any real surprise that as the nights draw in and the days get shorter so do the tempers? People fray more quickly, the plot unravels at a higher speed as the days get shorter, not that I don’t like winter, I just think that at this time of the year to be spending all of the “bright” time of the day locked to your desk is cruel and unfair, not to mention a nightmare for the more people that are actually locked to their desks. You get up while it’s still dark, 9 times out of 10 you’re out the door just after sunrise, and by the time you leave the office we’re already well into the evening, darkness fell before the clock-watching for 5.30 even started – Surely there should be a law against that? And to prove my point, it’s twenty to six on a sunday evening and it’s pitch black outside… lovely.

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