I really do miss him

I want my baby back, he’s been away all weekend, and it’s really hit me how totally empty my life is when he’s not about, we all need space, I’m the worst for needing my private time, but I do think we forget how close you can get to people, Dave is without doubt the man I’ve loved the most in my adult life, I’ve had crushes, I’ve even loved people, but never to the extent where I can’t sleep when they’re not there. It’s a strange experience to learn that you’ve never really loved someone properly until you fall in love properly? – That probably makes no sense, but do try…

To console myself this weekend, I’ve eaten an awful lot of mashed potatoes, which I’m sure you’ll agree is the ultimate comfort food, even better than chocolate and sorbet (although not necessarily at the same time) either with beans, or just a little tomato ketchup and you’re away, the more the better… in fact just serve it on it’s own, made creamily with pepper, butter and milk (or if you’re feeling totally down try cream) it’s utter bliss.

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