Today we’ve been head-shrunk head-hunted, a posh magazine is after my skills apparently, I went for a talk with her about something totally different but ended up being interviewed for a job I was completely un-prepared for, but apparently I’ve got all the appropriate skills, and passed the interview with flying colours, now they just have to check my referees and see a list of some of the clients I’ve dealt with over the years… piece of piss in my humble opinion, so you never know: there could be a flexible new job on the horizon that’ll give me the time to do what I like whilst giving me enough of a challenge to keep me interested – bonus!

Did pop music really begin with Lonnie Donegan? Please tell me it didn’t, because if it did then I’m going to hand in my commercial radio badge, give back my microphone and walk away from commercial music forever. Surely proper “Pop” music started in the states, it can’t possibly have started with a bloke who’s real claim to fame is “my old man’s a dustbinman”? Please… The strange thing is the news is dragging up all these people no ones ever heard of (well except the bloke from gerry and the pacemakers who sounds like his pacemakers on hyper…) saying how “all great guitar players” were influenced by Lonnie Donegan, oh please, yes the poor blokes died, he had a good innings, but let’s be honest, he really wasn’t that good.

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