Body Clock

There’s a programme on radio 4 at the moment about the real possibilities of serious illness due to messing around with your body clock, apparently it takes up to an hour per day to catch up with your body clock (i.e. if you’ve done an 8 hour shift beyond your normal body clock it’ll take you 8 days to recover). Now that scares me, because my body clock has been totally screwed since I’ve been about 13, I’ve never been able to sleep properly during the night, much preferring to go to bed late and make it up in the morning: which doesn’t always go well with work, meetings and the like.

I tend to sleep till at least 9am on any day before I’m ready to actually do anything, and I tend to be completely useless in the morning, even if I am in the office, I’ll never get anything of any real importance (or anything that requires proper concentration) much before 10.30. I’ve never been one for taking a nap in the evening, I simply can’t do it, and I go to bed on an early night by about 1am, a late night for me is 3.30 to 4am which means on average I get around 6 to 7 hours sleep – How do you sleep, do you have mucked up body clocks, or are you one of these people that lives for getting up at 6am.

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