Blogger Pro – not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’ve just noticed that Blogger Pro (the pay for version of the ubiquitous blogging tool) actually limits the amount you can post as a paying user, but I can’t see any notice that standard users will have to pay if they go over posts of 100k within any one month period, normally I average around 50k’s worth of posting, so far this month I’ve used 24% of my allocated 100k, I think that’s rather unfair. I can see where they would be coming from if the user were using blogspot hosting, but when I’m using my own server, my own FTP, and my own money to use blogger pro – I think it’s terribly unfair to limit the amount I can post before asking me for more money.

I hate this kind of hypocrisy, the owner of Blogger used to link to “the end of free” a lot, something which blogger is rapidly becoming in danger of ending up in, it’s a bit like which is another website that expects people to pay but doesn’t really give any reason to upgrade other than nag screens that disappear when you’ve coughed up your 25 quid. If you’re going to provide people with a “Paid” model of your site, then for god’s sake make it worth the users while… otherwise they’ll feel very cheated.

Talk about a con:

4.4 In the event that the site is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance for a period of more than 4 hours in any 24 hour period, all licences will be extended by one day. No refund or other form of compensation is available.

you might like to note that the statement above doesn’t cover all the times the site falls over, crashes, won’t log you in, is unavailable for hours on end, or grinds to an absolute stop so no one can use it… canny that don’t you think?

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