Being Watched

Big Brother is watching, and it’s not at all a pleasant feeling, in fact it’s just plain weird, and it’s enough to freak me out completely, I’m one of those people that takes my personal space very seriously, I guard it carefully, and I dislike it being invaded, something which I unfortunately feel it has been, it has not just been invaded, it has been turned upside down and ransacked… I’ve not been robbed, mugged, or anything so malevolent, this is something that’s occurred much closer to home, and I’ve never been so fucked off with a situation.

In other news, I’ve been offered an interview for a position as a senior account manager at one of London’s largest PR agencies, very tempted to go and take a good look at it, put some of my other projects on the back-burner for a while, let them sort themselves out – it’ll also be easier to not be in charge of several companies while I look for a new and move into mine and Dave’s new house… I cannot wait to move.

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