Another tube strike…

On the same day that London prepares to go home early and lock down the hatches for another Tube strike it’s announced that fares are to rise – it’ll now cost 7quid to get into London peak time on the tube, which means it’s cheaper to leap in your car and pay a fiver in congestion charges. Which raises the question of who is on the make, they say they’re trying to make people use public transport, but they’re making public transport more expensive (and less reliable – due to lack of investment) than your own private transport. The Mayor is single handedly fucking up the whole London transport infrastructure, and I for one can’t wait till he’s booted out and congestion charging is deemed to be an un-economical, un-workable scheme and thus dumped in file 13 along with the poll tax and other assorted political bloopers.

Oh my god, I’ve just realised it’s the first of October, this year is going far far to quick… it’ll be Christmas before we know it, you mark my words! It’s quite strange, I can guarentee that christmas light’s will start to go up shortly, and if yesterday morning was anything to go by a regular morning frost is not far away… not that that’s a bad thing, I like frosty days.

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