Death warmed up

Possibly the coldest day of the year so far, coupled with me having the motherof all sore throats and blocked up nose, spent most of the day defrosting on the office heaters. Apparently I looked like death warmed up all day, well that’s according to my lovely technical director who’s just so, ummm, tactful

Had to go to Canary Wharf in the afternoon, decided there security staff must have to pass an exam in crass stupidity to be employed behind the front desk, I spent 20 minutes arguing with one gink in a peaked cap who swore blind that the company I was trying to see wasn’t in Canada Tower, despite me not only being able to tell him which floor they were on, but who they rented the space from and which lift would get you closest to there reception… fuckwit!

Going to bed now. I feel like my heads been kicked off, used as a football and glued back on again with expanding foam.

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