Coming up to Christmas

Paranoid… That’s the conclusion I’ve come to, either I’m paranoid, or the people around me are, getting so bored of dealing with other peoples problems, can’t understand why some people think I care, the people I really give a shit about I can count on my hands, that’s it, the mood i’m in today the rest can go and swivel… It’s strange, but there are certain people in my life I’d die for, I’d litterally do anything for, but then people seem to take it that I’m like that with everyone: well horrible moment of clarity for the masses: I don’t…

It’s coming up to that time of year again – yes, christmas… Oh joy! Don’t get me wrong I love christmas (actually that’s a lie, I love the presents and chocalate) but why oh why do family feel the need to drag up the same conversations each year… some distant relative will no doubt engage me for an hour on the phone asking if i’ve started courting yet; and what am I supposed to say? “No i’m shagging around with random blokes” – hmmm… can’t see that going down well. So I reckon this year will be another of telling said distant relatives with blushing tones that i’m just busy with work, and don’t really have time to find a girl.

Thing is: being gay and all, everyone in my life that needs to know, knows that i’m gay, parents, immediate family, all my friends, and everyone at work, but I don’t see the point of broadcasting my sexuality from the rooftops to everyone. I mean for crying out loud; I’m me, I am who I am not because I take it up the arse, but because of the person I am, the acheivements I’ve made. So why does everyone assume that if I don’t tell them I’m gay that i’m living some big lie? When the actual fact is that they just don’t need to know. Straight people aren’t expected to walk into a room and broadcast who they’re sleeping with, how good they are, and whether they intend to adopt? So why the hell should that be expected of me?

And don’t forget… A problem shared, is gossip :o)

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